Thursday, February 3, 2011

If You Really Want to Hear the Oldies, Go With the Impersonators.

It’s February, and like everyone else, my mind turns to Valentines Day. In my 35+ years of marriage, I’ve had some good ideas, and some not so good ideas. Some of my best have been concert tickets for My Love and I to go see a performer that she loves, but me, not so much. For example, one year I got tickets for Bon Jovi. True, of the 50,000 at the Air Canada Centre, there were only a handful of us guys, but The Beauty loved it, and I loved Bon Jovi giving props to Frank Sinatra at least. Don't believe me, watch Bon Jovi in Giants Stadium and when they pan the crowd, you tell me if you see any guys there.

So, this year I started looking to see who’s coming to town. I struck out. The closest I got was a maybe for Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks who come to town on April 2, 2011 after already playing venues in Florida, Atlanta, New York, Connecticut, Boston, and Montreal. We saw Rod Stewart in Toronto in the 80’s, and he was great. But, then I got to thinking about this Great American songbook stuff and worried that I would have to hear that. And, what about Stevie Nicks? I loved her when she and Lindsay Buckingham fronted Fleetwood Mac, but, as a solo artist, not so much.

All of this reminded me of my friend Allan whose theory is, it doesn’t make sense to go see those old artist anymore when the impersonators are better, and don’t have to modify the song to fit their declining vocal ranges. Of course! What was I thinking? For many years, I had to go to Vegas on business, and whenever The Beauty could join me, we always took in an impersonator show. Every show had an Elvis, who was always great. And, we also saw an Elton, a Garth, a Michael Jackson, a Rod Stewart, The Beatles, a Cher, a Neil Diamond, and countless others. Great, great, great, and great. Allan was right, again.

Nevertheless, it is Valentines Day, and, I do need to come with something to make My Love’s heart sing (always a good thing). So, I hadn’t yet dismissed the idea of Rod/Stevie until I got an email from my N.J. Cousin inviting me to listen to The Diamond perform Little Darling, with the email claiming that they still had it. No they don’t. You be the judge, here are The Diamonds doing Little Darling in the 21st Century.....

And, here they are doing the song when they could still hit those high notes and those low notes.

If you’re still not convinced that those “old” groups may not have the range anymore, here is a Rod Stewart impersonator doing Maggie May

And, here’s Rod Stewart doing it himself in the 21st Century...

O.k., tell me the truth, who’s better at Rod Stewart, the impersonator, or the old guy who can’t quite hit the notes.

Legal Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely that, opinions. They are in no way intended to discredit, defame, slander, libel or in any other way harm the people mentioned in this blog.

P.S. - Just because we're all getting older doesn't mean I still don't love you Stevie/Rod/Elton, etc. "You're in My Heart, You're in My Soul"


  1. From NJ Cousin: "I love your blog. I did listen to the 1957 group and the older performer's rendition..Same style...I like the originals singers and love Rod Steward...the old guy. I can't tell you how many of his concerts we have seen. Robert too was big on getting tickets for everyone for every concert...He was backstage during a Stones concert (a friend got him there)....Thanks for mentioning your favorite cousin in your blog! I am famous now! 15 seconds of fame. Forget the 15 minutes."

  2. You know, I'm really conflicted here. The Diamonds...the old guys are my preference! I was smiling though that entire clip, just at the audacity and how good they really ARE, all things considered. I think their mature voices show grace, and the song at a slower pace with a better soundtrack and mellifluous bass is really wonderful!
    As for Rod. I mean, the impersonator looks good, but, Rod is Rod and no matter, we're all going along with him for the ride...I'd rather have an old guy any day than a young pup...that's just me. I'm sticking with the guys who grow old with grace!