Saturday, December 21, 2013

Prostitution and Harper - Two Words You Never Thought You Would Hear in the Same Sentence

And of course, the other two words that you never thought you would hear in the same sentence, Marijuana and Harper. (to be exact: "Do I seem like I smoke marijuana?")

Canadian politics continues to be a hoot!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Naturally, J.J. Cale, by Drew Christie, New York Times....ENJOY

This was posted on the New York Times web page on Monday. It's about J.J. Cale, who passed away this summer, and speculates on why he personally never became a star even though so much of his music, as recorded by Eric Clapton, Waylon Jennings, Poco, Kansas, Dr. Hook, Lynryd Skynard, and others, became big hits for those artists. (see more complete list below, the quality of the artists will blow you away!)
It's only three and a half minutes long, and, I think you will like it.


Here's a list of J.J. Cale songs recorded by other artists, as compiled by Wikipedia:

Brad Absher: "The Sensitive Kind" 
Tom Barman (dEUS): "Magnolia" & "After Midnight 
The Allman Brothers Band: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Chet Atkins: "After Midnight" 
The Band: "Crazy Mama" 
The Barcodes: "Don't Go To Strangers" 
Bob Wilber Quintet: "After Midnight" 
Clarence Gatemouth Brown: "Don't Cry Sister" 
Captain Beefheart: "Same Old Blues" 
Larry Carlton: "Crazy Mama" 
Johnny Cash: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Eric Clapton: "After Midnight", "Cocaine" (on Slowhand), "I'll Make Love To You Anytime", "Travelin' Light", "Tulsa Time" 
David Allen Coe: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Randy Crawford: "Cajun Moon" 
Daddy's Favorite: "Let Me Do It To You" 
Deep Purple: "Magnolia" 
Dr. Feelgood: "No Time" 
Dr. Hook: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Jose Feliciano: "Magnolia" 
Bryan Ferry: "Same Old Blues" 
Waylon Jennings: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Kansas: "Bringing It Back" 
Lynyrd Skynyrd: "Bringing It Back", "Call Me The Breeze", "Same Old Blues" 
John Mayall: "The Sensitive Kind" 
Sergio Mendes: "After Midnight" 
Maria Muldaur: "Cajun Moon" 
Nazareth: "Cocaine" 
Brother Phelps:"Anyway the Wind Blows" 
Poco: "Cajun Moon", "Magnolia" 
Toni Prince: "Like You Used To" 
Redbone: "Crazy Mama" 
Johnny Rivers: "Crazy Mama", "Don't Go To Strangers" 
Santana: "The Sensitive Kind" 
Merl Saunders with Jerry Garcia: "After Midnight" 
Seldom Scene: "After Midnight" 
Chris Smither: "Magnolia" 
Spiritualized: "Call Me The Breeze" 
Pat Travers: "Magnolia" 
Widespread Panic: "Ride Me High" (on "Live in the Classic City"), "Travelin' Light" 
Bill Wyman and The Rhythm Kings: "Anyway The Wind Blows"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Does Daniel Dale Have A Case Against Rob Ford?

Up until this morning, I thought there was no case. While I am not a lawyer, I have a reasonable amount of familiarity with defamation, either libel or slander, as in the business world, rivals often say untrue things about their competition.

Nevertheless, I have always been told that the final element of a case against someone who potentially slandered or libeled you is that you were damaged by the defamation. That is where I thought Daniel Day had a problem. I do not think that he has been damaged by Rob Ford's remarks.

However, for some reason, probably procrastination, I just googled slander, and here is what the Canadian Bar Association had to say.

"What is libel?
Libel is the type of defamation with a permanent record, like a newspaper, a letter, a website posting, an email, a picture, or a radio or TV broadcast. If you can prove that someone libeled you, and that person does not have a good defence (see the section on defences below), then a court will presume that you suffered damages and award you money to pay for your damaged reputation. But going to Supreme Court is expensive and even if you win, you may not get as much as it costs you to sue. In deciding on damages, the Court will consider your position in the community. For example, if you are a professional, damages may be higher."

As the Guardian of the Emerald City Gates once said: "Well, that's a horse of a different color". And, I think it is, and here is why.

Rob Ford, on Zoomer Television in December, 2013, states that he saw Daniel Day peering into his back yard taking pictures of his property, and, Rob has kids, so, Daniel must be a perve.
However, that peering/picture thing is a previous allegation made by Ford in May, 2012.

Do to the seriousness of the allegations, the incident was thoroughly investigated by the Toronto Police. And, Daniel Dale was completely exonerated of having done any of the things that Ford claims he did.

Now, Ford is the Mayor of Toronto (YIKES, you actually elected this guy), and there is no way that he was unaware of the police findings. Nevertheless, over a year later, he repeats the same already proven false accusations on television.

I do think that Daniel Dale has a case.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reader Poll: Which one of these guys would you prefer your kids not to be near? (answer: FORD NOT DALE)

Well, Mayor Moronic has done it again. This time, he suggested that we shouldn't allow our kids to be anywhere near Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale.
So, here are the facts, you decide:
1. Which one of these guys has admitted to smoking crack cocaine? FORD NOT DALE
2. Which one of these guys has admitted to drinking and driving? FORD NOT DALE
3. Which one of these guys has been caught on tape discussing illegal activities with persons know to the police? FORD NOT DALE
4. Which one of these guys was caught on video in a complete rage, cursing and threatening the life of an unknown victim? FORD NOT DALE
5. Which one of these guys has been singled out as a disappointment by the Chief of Police? FORD NOT DALE.
6. Which one of these guys has refused to talk to police about an ongoing investigation? FORD NOT DALE.
7. Which one of these guys is the laughing stock of U.S. TV? FORD NOT DALE
8. Which one should go into rehab soon? FORD NOT DALE
9. Which one of these guys has repeatedly lied to us over the past year, and has admitted to everything that he previously denied? FORD NOT DALE
10. Which one of these guys was accused of "grabbing the backside" of 2010 mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson? FORD NOT DALE
11. Which one of these guys pleaded no-contest to a drinking and driving charge in Florida? FORD NOT DALE.
12. Which one of these guys was told by Deputy mayor Norm Kelly that his remarks were "beyond the pale" and should apologize? FORD NOT DALE

And, so, my vote for which one of these guys would I prefer that my kids were not allowed to be near is FORD NOT DALE?

How about you?