Friday, June 3, 2011

Sex on the Beach (Line Dance) Walkthrough

Last week at dance class, I decided to record our teachers' instructions. I tried to listen back and put them to paper tonight. I had some success, but I am still missing a few steps. So, I turned to youtube to help me out. And, look what I found for Sex on the Beach. It's our dance steps exactly! Although the hand motions are different, I love that lanyard twirl during the side step together step routine. Thank you Dancin' Jim Ray. Now we need to find another tune that works with this dance since my kids all refuse to let us play this music at their weddings. Anyone know another song that will work?

1 comment:

  1. There are very few songs that will work to that beat. The dance was choreographed for that line dance. You'll have to tell "the children" what our DJ told me. I didn't want the flaming chicken dance, but she said.."You know, the song is only 3 minutes long...go to the bathroom when it starts and you'll miss the whole thing!" May I suggest that the Schiller kids convene in the loo when this song comes on! I mean...come ON! It's our BEST dance!!! It's the only one we KNOW! Heaven's knows we've been through enough of their concerts..they could give us ONE dance!!!