Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Inside Scoop on the Harper Family XMAS Photo Shoot

Another controversy Made In Canada. According to The Star, the Harper family kids wore the same outfits on this years XMAS cards as on last years variety. Not so says the National Post, it's actually one of last years pictures being used this year.
Before I begin this tongue in cheek blog, let me first say that I think it's inappropriate to put the Prime Minister's family in the middle of any political story, and, this one is just too stupid to believe that in The Star, not only did it make the paper, but it was front page news this week!
So, here's my take on what really happened with the XMAS Photo Session. First of all, a bit of background. Family is the great equalizer. You might be the Prime Minister during the day, or, like my brother-in-law, a heart surgeon at the most prestigious heart hospital in the U.S., but when you come home, as my brother-in-law so aptly puts it:
"At work, I'm Doctor Professor. Oh thank you Doctor, what do you think Doctor, what should we do Doctor, but then, I come home to the teenagers, and it's no longer Doctor, it's DAAAADDD, nobody asked you, or you're so annoying, you're so old, and so on."
Back to Canada. So, the PM comes home and says, "hey kids, time for the XMAS post card. Please get dressed in something appropriate and lose the green and pink hair, the piercings, the bare midriff, the skin tight exercise outfits, and ask my staff to cover up those tattoos. Look appropriate!"
And, the kids respond. "Dad you are so out of touch."
Luckily Mrs. PM is on top of the issue and says, "kids, remember those outfits that I bought last year for the photo shoot. They're on your beds. Put them on for the photographer and I promise the instant the shoot is done, you can take them off again."
To paraphrase from what the Berenstain Bear kids once said when Papa Bear found the perfect picnic spot (after a dozen or so misadventures):
Yes, Mom did it, did she not, she found the perfect geek clothing shop!
Thank you Canadian Press for sharing with us.

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