Monday, January 16, 2012

Musings on Bob Rae, the Liberal's Marijuana Policy and the RCMP spying on us (just like we thought!0

It was quite a week for Bob Rae. First, we learned that "The RCMP spied on Bob Rae during his student activist days and likely amassed a personal dossier on the future Liberal leader, newly declassified documents reveal.

Mountie security agents, wary of late-1960s campus turmoil, kept a close eye on the University of Toronto student council —apparently relying on a secret informant to glean information about Rae and other council members."
The Canadian Press, January 12, 2012.

Wow. Arlo Guthrie was right. They did have a file on every one of us, even the "last guy". Like where did the last guy get the 25 cents from to make a phone call? Listen to the Pause of Mr. Claus to refresh your memory. Oh, what fun.

Now, a wiser, more mature Mr. Rae concluded the Liberal Convention in Ottawa last night by telling us two important facts:
1. The Liberals intend to legalize Marijuana
2. You no longer have to be a card carry Liberal to vote in Liberal leadership conventions, you just have to "like their core values" (I think that means you have to like Marijuana, but, I'm not sure about that one. I had some trouble with Math Proofs in High School)

I thought Rae Days in the '90's was a brilliant solution to a very complex financial dilemma, even though it cost him his job. But this, to try and get the Liberal Party back from the brink of obsolescence, even better.
Is Canada not the most fun, greatest place on earth to be living?

Go Bob Go!!!

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