Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Problem with Mitt Romney

Over the past few months, or longer, while watching one crazy right wing fanatic after another torch and burn, or what we in Canada call a Carolyn Parrish Mouth Before Mind Moment, I continued to be relieved.

However, after listening to one more, I'll do anything to be elected comment from Mitt Romney, I'm beginning to think that he might actually be the worst possible president.

Here's my logic. Let's take a narrow minded fellow like Rick Santorum as an example. In his case, if you don't think his way, it's the highway. Sounds terrible right, but, at least he's consistent. You know where he is going to stand on every issue and you know he will consistently stand there. So, you work around it.

In the case of Mitt Romney, he just wants to be president. Nothing matters to him as long as he achieves that end. With that in mind, to woo the right wing of the Republican Party and it's Tea Party fans, he's made statements like, he's a hunter, which he later clarified as a small game hunter, like rodents. Who hunts rodents? Then he claims that he really had nothing to do with health care in Massachusetts allowing birth control. He says the courts did it. Well he's no dummy and he certainly knew when the bill was written that if it said nothing about birth control being excluded, it wasn't. The courts simply upheld the law. What about immigration reform and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, or at the least, their children FLIP. And of course, his 'severely conservative remark'. That one isn't a flip flop, it's a slip. I am sure that in their backroom discussions, Romney and his advisers refer to the right wing crazies as the severely conservatives, sort of like severely ill, etc.

So, why is this so scary. Let's say for a moment that he wins the presidency. What happens next, he is faced with his first bill from a severely Tea Party House and it is severely scary. He doesn't care. He just passes the thing, because otherwise, no chance of re-election. This will go on for 4 years. YIKES.

Looking at it that way, I think I prefer a predictable crazy to a no scruples Romney. In either event, like in all elections, the severely normal pray that the severely undecided make a severely intelligent decision about re-electing President Obama.

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