Friday, August 10, 2012

What's Worse, No Son or No Life?

Is there anyone who hasn't seen Moonstruck? Considering that it's on the TV at least once a week, I find that hard to imagine. In my viewing habits, it rivals Groundhog Day as the movie I see parts of most often on TV. Of course, if Mel Gibson hadn't been exposed as the bigoted loon that he is, forcing me to boycott his movies, I think Moonstruck/Groundhog could have had some serious competition from the Lethal Weapon movies. And, coming in a very close second is Bruce Willis' Die Hard movies.

So, when I read the article in The Daily Buzz titled World's smelliest man has gone 38 years without bathing, and it explains that he has NO SON, and, he won't bath until he has one. Rather than paraphrase all of this nuttiness, I invite you to read it for yourself, where you will learn about his wife, his seven daughters, his god, and his marijuana "fire baths". Everyone needs a good laugh on a rainy day.

Now, I ask, what's worse No Son, or No Life, as poor Ronny Cammareri (Nicholas Cage) explained to Loretta (Cher) in the bakery scene from Moonstruck.

O.K. I admit it, I could watch that film as many times as they are willing to put it on TV. My favourite scenes are the bakery scene, breakfast after the opera scene, the pre-opera scene where Ronny and Loretta meet at the fountain, the Cosmo's Moon scene, and of course, Loretta explaining to Ronny that he is a wolf scene. I only skip the slow moving college professor scenes which just don't have the pace and wit that the rest of the movie has.

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