Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thank You Jon Stewart and Shame On You House Republicans For Not Providing Timely or Sufficient Hurricane Sandy Relief Funding

Last night, on his return to TV following the XMAS break, Jon Stewart was right back in form with the following segment on the disgraceful behaviour of the last Republican House for not voting on relief aid for Hurricane Sandy victims.

 This is what Jon Stewart does best, expose the hypocrisy in politicians, and sometimes, it affects change (remember the funding for the 911 victims).

By the way, based on income, my family has contributed more to Hurricane Sandy Relief than the U.S. Congress, AND WE LIVE IN CANADA.

I haven't found it yet on youtube, but, here's a link to a blog from Crooks and Liars . Com that has succeeded in isolating this portion of last nights show. Enjoy


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