Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven Days in Florida

(sung to the tune of "Six Days on the Road")

We pulled out of Buffalo
 and went flying down the eastern sea board
We were excited to see the Nanny
 and the rest of the Schiller hoard
We had our luggage fully packed
With carry on in a sack
Ten hours start to finish, now I feel that sun on my back.
We had a beautiful house
With the intercoastal and a pool way out back
We ate all ‘cept the kitchen sink
And the Nanny drank a 32 oz. drink
Seven days in sunny Florida and the forecast said home will be snowing, they think.
Dina, Arnie, Petey, Lisa, Joe and Holly
We made merry and were all very jolly
Everyone is doing fine
Lisa’s new house is just divine
And, they still over feed you at the Melting Pot at dinner time.
Now that we’ve got Dina
joining into the family
Food is just great with lasagne and
Chicken Piacenti
And the love that those two have
It makes us smile and feel so glad
They just bought a brand new home
And I think it’s gonna be a love pad

Now we’re home back up North
and the weather is still way too cold
There’s no more pool and sun
And no alligators or lizards for fun
Seven days in sunny Florida and now I weigh a ton


  1. Good blog post Dad. Great pics. I'm so jealous. Steph

  2. Nice to see the family El! Personally, I'm waiting to hear this sung to "Six days on the road"....I just can't remember how it starts.

    A few double vodka tonics for Susy and I after dancing should prepare us for your next performance in the pub!

    Mom Schiller looks good!