Thursday, May 23, 2013

What? Myles Isn't Allowed at the Wedding?

Another big family event is happening soon. Our older son is getting married. However, I was shocked to learn that Myles, the younger brother, and a frequent subject of my friend Leslie's blog, for instance, visit Myles Again , is not invited to the wedding. Yikes, and here he is trying on his tuxedo.

Is this fair? Shouldn't the younger brother be a participant at the wedding? Well, according to the Ontario Ministry of Health, Myles falls under the category of "live bird or animal"??? How can that be so?
Maybe Minister Mathews needs to see Myles in his tuxedo, from the side.

Still not convinced he should be allowed at the wedding. O.K., what if Myles looks at the camera this time?

What a face, what a body, what a wiener dog!!! Yikes, did I say dog, oops. Maybe we should hold the wedding in France, where dogs are invited to any restaurants they care to frequent.

Is it too late to change the venue?

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  1. Well I think this should be petitioned. It's totally unfair to bar the ring-bearer when the Father of the Groom technically also qualifies under the "Live Bird or Animal" on SO many levels :) If they allow the rest of family, I say Myles goes.