Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twas The Day Before Elections

Twas the day before election
And all through the land
The electorate was speaking
About their election plan.

We're tired of corruption
From Grits and Tories too
We think we want Layton
Maybe he knows what to do.

The Star says vote Layton
For he is the man
Who has the wherewithall
to stop Harper's plan.

Now I did some crunching
And I'm nervous as can be
There are many riding in the country
Where a split could be scary.

Take Avalon in Newfoundland
As I see in my notes
The Grits only won it
by three thousand votes

And if this time many Grits
Vote for the NDP
Then Harper wins that seat
with an undemocratic minority

So, what's a voter to do
When he steps into the booth
Vote strategic or preference?
I wish I knew the truth.

Now if there is justice
And hopefully there is
Then Harper won't get a majority
By splitting the NDP/Grits

He won't get a majority
Unless it's what people want to say
But it surely looks like
They want Layton today.

So, it's off to the polls
And let's tell them how we feel
No more lying, no more cheating
No more axes to wield.

Just a cooperative honest government
That's ready to fight
For Canada, for women
For what's socially right.

And as I stood by window
and looked out at the night
I heard Harper bemoaning
And Ignatieff in flight.

They both seemed so petty
That it made me shout
As soon as it's over

1 comment:

  1. Cousin Byron keeps the poetry going:

    Harper keeps going, straight on course
    As absolute leader of Conservatives.
    His says his need for a majority
    Can not be described with enough superlatives

    Layton is rising in the polls
    Despite NDP being the party many dread.
    Will being accused of visiting a bawdy(?) house
    Cause a fall or a rise with new street cred.

    And the there is Ignatieff
    Leader of a party once very strong.
    When will the liberals come to power?
    Don't know but the wait could be long.

    We all have our opinions
    But one point of agreement I must note.
    Whatever you are doing Monday,
    Make sure you take the time to VOTE!