Monday, August 29, 2011

Mississauga Ward 5 Candidates Debate

Wow! I just finished watching the Mississauga Ward 5 All Candidates Debates. This is certainly a very impressive list of candidates. To be exact, 22 candidates participated in the debate.
As a long time watcher of candidates debates, I am used to some very strange candidates in the crowd, but I didn't see that tonight. For example, in my Ward, Ward 8, we had a candidate a while back who kept repeating that he read somewhere that the definition of crazy is someone who keeps doing the same thing (like voting for the Conservatives or Liberals) yet expecting a different result. It didn't matter what the question, that was his answer. Needless to say, while he was sweet, he didn't fair very well in the election.
I saw very little of that tonight. What I did see, (ignoring the candidate, and we all know who she is, who concluded her remarks by saying "despite what many of you think, I don't have horns or a tail", blah blah blah), was a group of concerned citizens for the most part, well spoken, articulate, and ready to serve the people of Ward 5.
Congratulations Ward 5, you've got some excellent candidates to choose from. So, if I may butt in, please don't elect the one with the horns and tail whom we all thought we got rid of after she lost in her last election.


  1. I forgot to mention in the blog that the photo comes from The Mississauga News.

  2. wrt the by-election:

    An ill wind blows with a stink of decay from a prior Councillor's misdeeds. It affects Peel, Toronto and York Region airsheds.

    A proposed Crematorium to locate in a residential and public park area will have no viewing in the public mind for the election.

    The public re-zoning meeting is slated for September 6, in advance of the election. This is the first AND ONLY opportunity for the public to inform and ask questions of the process.

    Ward 5 will not be reprsented by self-selected Councillor at the meeting. The Mayor will be preparing for a trade mission to Brazil.

    When the site was first rezoned in February 2001, the incumbent Councillor was charged, and later convicted, of municipal fraud.