Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wish for happiness, and a bit of luck

Last weekend, we went to see the Soulpepper Theatre production of The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams' first literary success. It was absolutely wonderful. I'm not sure if I'm getting older and seeing the world very differently, or that Soulpepper created a much more sympathetic character in the mother than I ever remember from past performances. To try and determine the answer, I put the play on hold at the library, and I've just been notified that it's in. On Sunday, I tried to get it for my Kobo, but it doesn't seem to be an ePub book yet.

There are so many moments in the play that I've loved and have stuck with me, but I heard another one last weekend. It's a full moon and The Mother drags The Daughter out onto the porch to make a wish on the rising moon. The Daugher asks, "What should I wish for?", and the Mother says "Wish for happiness and a bit of luck".

WOW. Doesn't that nail it !!! So, if you can get down to Soulpepper, hurry, there are only 3 more performances before the engagement ends. Everything about the production is wonderful.

And, to all of us, let me say, I wish you happiness and a bit of luck.


  1. It's definitely the first performance I've seen that makes Amanda so sympathetic...and funny.

  2. I agree. I have now read about half the play, and, it's the interaction of the characters that is making Amanda sympathetic, not so much any significant changes to the words, as far as I can tell. And, about the beautiful wish, the script reads as follows:
    LAURA: What shall I wish for Mother?
    AMANDA [ her voice trembling and her eyes suddenly filling with tears] Happiness! Good fortune!
    Maybe Good fortune meant more in 1945, but it sure doesn't have the impact on me as 'a bit of luck'.