Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thanksgiving: The Perfect Time for the Brita Vodka vs Grey Goose Test

Everyone will be joining us next Sunday night for Thanksgiving Dinner. And, I was thinking that this might be the perfect time to test out Brother Ace's Theory, which he learned via the internet, that you can buy the cheapest vodka and after filtering it through a Brita type carbon filter, wind up with the equivalent taste of a premium vodka.

Here are the stats on the competiting vodkas:
In the Grey corner, from France, it's Grey Goose. Cost: $~$47 per 750ml at the LCBO in Mississauga
And, in the white corner, from Canada, it's Polar Ice. Cost~$26 per 750ml at the LCBO in Mississauga
By the way, the Ace claims you should filter it three times to achieve perfection.
The test will work as follows:
After filtering, I will place both Vodkas in decanters. When the guests arrive, approximately 25 people, of which there are 20 drinkers, each participant will take a shot from decanter 1 and then decanter 2, and then 1 again or 2 again if they can't decide. At some point, I trust that every participant will have an opinion, and will place a vote. If you want to try this at your Turkey Day celebration, please do so and let me know what your results were.
Now I'm excited.

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  1. It's possible you may have 25 overnight guests with this plan or else you may be spending a lot of money on taxis! Steph