Thursday, March 22, 2012

A National Travesty: Why Can't the Courts Get Crimes Against Children Right

For those of you who don't know, Graham James, who was convicted of abusing Theo Fluery and his cousin Todd Holt when they were young hockey players under his guidance, was sentenced to two years in jail with day passes and parole available in six months. WHAT!
Why can't the courts get crimes against children right? I've never understood how these crimes don't rise to the level of attempted murder, for, in my opinion, the sex offender has stolen a large part of his victims' lives, perhaps all of it, as we've seen in many cases. And yet, the courts only hand down minimal sentences.
Is the problem within the court system, or within society?
For those of you who don't remember, it was just last month that the news media reported that a twice convicted Scout leader, David Michael Henley, was allowed into the Baden Powell Guild, a Scouts Alumni Association. And, it wasn't until the news media hounded the Scouts that they FINALLY admitted that it was a mistake. YA THINK!
I've often thought that the punishment for a crime should have some association with the amount of damage done to the victims of that crime. So, if you kill someone, perhaps you should also lose your freedom. Likewise, if you ruin the life of a child or in the case of Graham James, at least 2 children, perhaps your life should be ruined. Here are the National Institute of Health Statistics on how child abuse increases the odds of wrecking the lives of its female victims.

Does anyone really think that a crime that devastates its victims so horrifically only deserves a two year sentence?

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