Monday, March 12, 2012

What if Sheldon Adelson supported Romney?

Ask yourself how best Sheldon Adelson could spend his campaign contribution monies if he was a Romney supporter. Well, the obvious is superpac money to the Romney campaign. And, what's the second best thing that Romney has going for him in this nomination race. That's right, splitting the socially conservative vote so that he emerges as the winner ever time with less than the majority of votes.
So, just before Super Tuesday, Mr. Adelson contributed another $5 million to keep Gingrich in the race. And, the effect, Romney claims victory (just barely) in Ohio. What a great way to spend your money to achieve a Romney victory.
Yikes, now I'm bummed. In looking for an Adelson picture to put on this post, I goggled his name and found an article from the Las Vegas Sun dated today saying the same thing...

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