Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why The NHL Strike Favours The Owners

Rumour has it that there is an election campaign going on just south of us. That's nice, now, on to the big story. The owners just cancelled 33% of the regular NHL season, or all the games through November. Now that's big news, but can it continue? You bet.
The owners have a lot less to lose than the players. Let me explain.
In the world of professional sports, the player is like a banana. He starts off as a 'green' child and gradually progresses through the 7 stages of bananahood as illustrated below.

By the time an athlete reaches the pinnacle of his or her career, he is probably already either a stage 5 or stage 6 banana. He's already close to brown, and ready to be discarded, or even worse, turned into banana bread, YIKES.

On the other hand, the owner, unlike the banana players, keeps getting better with age. You might say, the owner is like a fine bottle of wine. The owner isn't worried about one season, he's worried about the long term. So, in his world, missing a season for the sake of a long term solution to his money sharing problem isn't a very big deal. Likewise, history has shown that alienating a specific demographic of fans doesn't matter in the long term. Fans return or other fans develop and franchises keep growing in value.

So, it looks like it's going to be a long strike, and, instead of hockey, we need to find a new pastime. I'm thinking of karaoke, and, courtesy of Louis Prima, here is the first song I intend to learn to sing along with.


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