Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part 2, The League of Super Pets

First came the Wonder Pets, MingMing, Tuck and Linnie.

And now, I am pleased to present to you, The League of Super Pets. This brave group of crime fighters fight a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the Canine Way.

Introducing (in order of size, sort of), Duke and his feeder, Cousin Lisa

In many ways, Super Duke is the leader of the pack. If you think that's because he's about 10 times the size of the other members, you'd be right. If you think because his human counterpart is the Man of Steel, well, you're right again. I won't say any more, but, when you see the other two members of the League, you will understand why Super Duke is the leader.

Next, let me introduce you to the second member of our League, Motorcycle Mama Porsche.

Now Motorcycle Mama Porsche brings many important attributes to the League. In no particular order, Motorcycle Mama is the only female in the group. That means she's the clear headed thinker. Next, she's got a wardrobe to die for. Motorcycle Mama Porsche and her parents David and Jewel moved to the neighbourhood because their old house didn't have enough closet space to house all of Porsche's outfits. So, Motorcycle Mama Porsche, or Ballet Dancer Porsche, or Mrs. Klaus Porsche is the perfect undercover member of the team.

Finally, there's Spider-Man Myles.

Spider-Man Myles has always been a super hero in our house, and now, he's got the costume to prove it.

Here he is on the couch with his friend the scarecrow.

And, his biggest asset to the group is his alter ego, mild mannered Scrunchie Boy Myles.

As I mentioned before, the boys, Duke and Myles may not be the brains in this League as witnessed by the fact that Scrunchie Boy Myles came by his alter ego costume when it was delivered to him as a Halloween present from Motorcycle Mama Porsche. Thanks again Motorcycle Mama for the lovely Halloween present. 

And, not only is it the perfect look for strawberry blonde Myles, but, it matches the Halloween present that the Beauty and I got for him (on sale at Petsmart!).  What a Deal!

Isn't that the cutest League of Super Pets ever!


  1. Best blog ever Dad, although you should have discussed the order of events with me prior to posting (if you care about accuracy that is!). The pictures of the boys eating occurred after they went trick-or-treating, not before.

  2. See's easier to deal with Mitt! :)