Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012, Part 1: A Tale of Two Cities

My Beauty has assured me that my readership is going to go through the roof if I stop blogging about my annoying opinions and give 'em what they want, cute pictures of the Grandkids!!!

So, I proudly present Halloween 2012: A Tale of Two Cities.

In Mississauga, at our house, we usually give away approximately 400 pieces of candy every year. Regretfully due to the on going rainy weather that we are experiencing from Post-Tropical Storm Sandy, we only gave away about 300 pieces this year. I think the really young ones who go out with their Moms and Dads in strollers decided to only visit nearest neighbours and spend the rest of the night at home answering door bells.

Nevertheless, we decorated as usual....

One important feature of our Halloween decorations is the noisy ghost that my Mother bought for us about 15 - 20 years ago and is still in working order. Here it is in all it's annoying splendor.

This noisy ghost attracts Halloween candy collectors like honey attracts bees. It's one of many Blanche Specials that we own.

Now, 450 kms down the road, the Grandkids were also getting ready for Halloween.

Here they are decorating the front of the house.

And, here's Jakey showing off his costume during the day at various Mommy organized activities.

The big night is just about here, and the boys are dressed and ready to go.

But, just before they head out to greet the other Lions and Baby T-Rex's that are on the loose Halloween night, they have a little snack

They sure do love that junk food, and are so excited that they start the night with a bit of brotherly love to kick things off on the right foot.


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  1. No wonder everyone is afraid to approach your house with a ghost that flies sideways! Pretty clever I'll say.

    The kids look adorable and honestly Jakey could be Stephanie at the same age!!! What a sweet resemblance.

    Hope everyone had a good time, and you better have saved me some of those leftovers...what did you give out??? I like Kit Kats! :)

    This ought to bump up your readership! :) It's just usually difficult for us to comment on your succinct posts. :) Kidding...Susy's right ...WE WANT KIDS AND DOGS!