Thursday, November 15, 2012

Woman denied haircut goes to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

It's a sad day in Toronto. And, here's the story why.
A barber, working at the Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto happens to also be a religious Muslim. The very religious Muslims, as part of their faith, are not allowed to touch a women who is not a part of their family. Incidentally, they are not the only religion with similar requirements. While not an expert, I believe that in the religious Jewish community, an unmarried woman is not allowed to touch a man who is not a part of her family. I point this out to demonstrate that every religion has its own rules, which may be unusual to people who are not of that faith.
To continue the story, into the Shop walks a woman who wants this barber to give her a haircut. He cannot, due to his religious beliefs. Incidentally, if you ask directory assistance for Toronto Barber Shops, you will find over 1,500 listings. Does she try one of these shops? I'm sure she does, because in the below picture, someone must be keeping her hair neat and trim.

Then, she files a complaint with the Toronto Human Rights Tribunal complaining that her human rights as a female have been violated. Well, I guess they have, but really, have we, as a society, sunk to the level where we cannot tolerate the religious beliefs of others, and show our fellow human beings a little respect by walking a few blocks to find another Barber Shop? And, below are 10 barber shops within easy walking distance of The Terminal Barber Shop (#2 on the map).

Shame on us.

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