Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smartphones Shown to Combat Dementia

Every week we hear about another study that claims this or that combats dementia. To name a few, there's hot chocolate, playing puzzle games, learning a new language, and on it goes. I am excited to announce that by observing me, my team of crack reporters now adds the Smartphone to that list of Dementia fighting remedies.
Let me explain. When I got my new smartphone, it came with an app called Clock.

This is the greatest. It has the ability to set multiple alarms, with repeat functions, and with conditions,

And, each alarm can have its own specific alarm, or song.

Now that you understand how it works, here are some examples of how I use my Smartphone Clock app...

To Wake Up

Brush My Teeth

Walk the Dog

(editors note: I just learned that Rufus is Carla Thomas' father, wow!)

Time for Work

Meet the Grandkids After School

Work is Over

Time for Bed 

And then, there's the conditional alarm

(editors note: Parenthood TV show running joke)

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  1. Hot chocolate? WHAT ABOUT the hot CHOCOLATE???? I'm so there.