Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is that recyclable?

Before the days of recycling and compost collection, what did I do with my time? In Mississauga, we have three different types of waste that we put on the curb, paper/cans recyclables, organics, and waste. And, during the summer, we add a fourth, yard waste.
Yearly, we get a new BOOKLET explaining to us what goes where, and there is also a webpage or two or three dedicated to the topic, http://www.peelregion.ca/pw/waste/garb-recy/checklist.htm and then, there is also the 3-1-1 hotline which will put you in front of a very nice person who will tell you what goes where.
So, tonight, The Beauty was cleaning the fridge (note: that's what empty nester do frequently), and, she told me to dispose of a whip cream can. So I wondered aloud, "is that recyclable?". Of course, we did not know, and, it is night time and I didn't want to disturb my 311 personal assistant, and so, I thought of google.  
And, of course, google knows, and this time, google knows with a youtube video:

And so, I followed Mr. Hallsted's video and here are my results:

Now I know what my next career option might be if this investigative reporting blogging gig doesn't work out. I'm going to be a GARBAGE PICKUP CONSULTANT.

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