Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rob Ford: My Comedy Turned Into Reality

While reading The Toronto Star this morning, I came across this article about the Rob Ford tour, similar to what I described in my blog The Visit Toronto and Party Like Rob Ford blog . From my blog to Toronto's reality.

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And, who can forget my wonderful banjo playing and singing of The Ode To Mayor Rob Ford , which was copied two days later by Daughtry on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

Granted, Daughtry's version is much better, his singing is better, and so is his guitar playing. And, he might even have more hair than I do under that cap (hum, maybe not). Nevertheless, I now anoint myself The Official Idea Factory for the Rob Ford Comedy Show! Anyone needing help with their late night comedy show, please call me for help at 1-000-GET-ROB-FORD-COMEDY-NOW

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