Monday, September 29, 2014

Choosing a Mayor and a City Councillor in Mississauga

For the first time in forever (actual since the amalgamation of the current city in 1978), we have to vote for a different Mayor. Hurricane Hazel is retiring at the young and dynamic age of 93.

Also, in my ward, our City Councillor is retiring after 26 years.

Who to vote for and how to choose the candidate that's right for you and me, when all we get is noise from the Toronto Ford Focused Mayoral Fiasco, that is the question.

I was planning on going to a debate next week, Oct. 7, and I've been reading websites and a fairly decent article in Mississauga Life to learn more about the views and strategies of Steve Mahoney (who was my City Councillor when we moved to our then new home in Mississauga in 1979), and Bonnie Crombie.

I know Rogers is pretty good about broadcasting debates, and this morning, I finally found the website that lists what debates are on, and when.

Here it is

Here is a snapshot of what you will find on the Mayoral Debate page..

So, if like me, you're not sure yet who you want for your next Mayor, set your PVR and watch. I have set my PVR to start recording on Saturday at 4pm and record until 11pm, which gets me 3 different Mayoral Debates. I'm not sure which candidates will be at which, but hopefully it will primarily be Crombie and Mahoney.

In either event, I am still planning on attending a Crombie vs. Mahoney debate on Oct. 7.

I've also set my PVR to record the City Councillor debate for my Ward. There appear to be 4 serious candidates running, and, regretfully, I know nothing about any of them.

Hopefully, I will know who I want to vote for following these activities.

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