Friday, September 5, 2014

I also got caught with my phone pictures hacked

So today, I was minding my own business when I got an email from a law firm asking if I wanted to be part of the class action suit concerning my pictures being hacked. I couldn't believe it, my pictures were hacked. Oh no.
So, I googled myself to find the pictures. Oh my goodness, I've been hacked. Here's what they got:

Here I am admiring the exciting street markers while on vacation. Now I'm starting to feel violated.

Here I am rushing to a meeting with a potential wardrobe consultant, who, everyone suggests that I need.

Here I am outside the wig store testing to see if my new hair piece will stay in place on a windy day.

Here I am enjoying a fun filled day at Disney Paris.
Enjoying the shows at the amusement park
And, having lunch.

Oh no, they caught me changing. What a violation of my privacy!

Now I'm angry. I AM joining the class action. I don't care if it's my fault for using the word password as my password, it's my password, so why can't I use password!


  1. While I don't necessarily agree with the underlying commentary, this was nonetheless hilarious.

    1. Thanks. By the way, I've gotten a lot of pressure to change my password to something with capital letters and numbers. So, my password is now Password1. I think that will fool those sneaky hackers.