Friday, July 27, 2012

Ernie Kovacs: Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

I was in the midst of finalizing my work week when I somehow got to thinking about Ernie Kovacs and how when I was a kid I loved all those wonderful skits. I thought, could youtube have them.


Here are a few from the Nairobi Trio, you must stick it out for the entire 3 minutes because the end is always worth the setup....

Loved that one, here's another one...

I'm not sure that I knew when I was a kid that it was Ernie in the monkey suit. I'm not sure what I thought when I was 9 or 10, but I definitely knew comedy.
During Ernie's time on late night TV, he often performed with his wife, Edie Adams. Edie was a spectacular talent in her own right and was the beauty to his beast. One of the more famous episodes in her career was her Muriel cigar commercials. At first, so the story goes, Muriel rejected her as not sexy enough to sell their cigars, even with a husband who was never seen without one in her mouth. So, Edie and Ernie produced their own mock commercial to try and convince Muriel. They did. Here's Edie in 1971, in her 40's, singing Hey Big Spender for Muriel...

Wow. Wasn't that great.

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