Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pool Guard Door Alarm

We're back from the annual Visit the Family in Florida Vacation, or, as Uncle Bram used to describe it, hearing a years worth of "suris" condensed into a week.
After the stint in Southern Florida we joined the kids/grandkids for a week at Disney. We rented a house with 4 bedrooms, 4 ensuite bathrooms (all for the women, the guys still couldn't get in without waiting in line) and a swimming pool. And, a very clever contraption on each sliding door leading to the pool, a PoolGuard Door Alarm by PoolGuard (www.poolguard.com). This clever little device, or one of its competitors is mandatory for any "door" leading to a pool in 3 states, Florida, California, and Arizona. It's absolutely brilliant, and I don't know why anyone with a pool in their backyard doesn't have one.

I couldn't find a youtube video of the product, but I found a 14 second video that explains conceptually how these types of devices work.

What the video doesn't show is the use of the button in the middle of the master section. The button is a cut off switch. Simply put, if you place the magnets at around 5 feet, or, higher than a young child's reach, then, every time an adult passes through the door, they press the button and deactivate the alarm. Nevertheless, this deactivation only lasts around 30 seconds if the door is not shut, thus preventing accidentally leaving the door open. 
These devices cost around $50US, a very reasonable price to pay for a bit of peace of mind.
Here is the description of the PoolGuard product features, the one we had in the Florida house.

  • The Door Alarm will sound in 7 seconds when a child opens the door, and the alarm will continue to sound until an adult comes to the door and resets the alarm.
  • Poolguard Door Alarm will sound in 7 seconds even if a child goes through the door and closes it behind them.
  • The Door Alarm is always on and will automatically reset under all conditions.
  • Poolguard Door Alarm is equipped with an adult pass through feature that will allow adults to go through the door without the alarm sounding.
  • Optional screen door kits can be purchased for the alarm, this kit allows you to get air through your screen door without the alarm sounding.
  • Poolguard Door Alarm uses one 9-volt battery, (not included) with a battery life of approximately 1 year.
  • The Door Alarm is equipped with a low battery indicator that will audibly alert you when your battery is getting low.
  • Poolguard is the only door alarm that is UL listed under UL 2017 for water hazard entrance alarm equipment.

This is a wonderful product, but as the Safe Kids Canada website reminds us "Pool alarms, door alarms, pool covers and door locks are not an adequate substitute for a four-sided fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate"
Nevertheless, everything helps, so, if you have a friend/relative with a pool and a door leading directly to that pool, this is a great XMAS present.
You're Welcome.


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