Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Importance of protecting the Brand

The beauty and I are in the market for a new TV for the family room. We currently have a Sony 52 inch rear projection model in the room, and, we've built around it a very nice wall unit. Regretfully, it doesn't compare to high definition models, so, it's time to go.
When we were in the mall a few weeks back, after seeing the 55 inch and larger models side by side, we decided that the optimal size for that room was 60 inches. And, since the TV was in a room with a bay window, and the TV was angled towards that window, the choice became 60 inches LED.
In shopping around, I've found 4 manufacturers who sell that model size, LG, Sony, Samsung and Sharp.  
We've eliminated LG because of our previous experience with the Brand.
Less than 3 years ago, we upgraded our fridge to a french door model and chose the LG brand. In retrospect, not a good choice, in my opinion. Within 18 months, the unit turned off and the display read "FF" (freezer fan). When the repairman came, he removed the freezer back panel and showed me the ice build up on the rear wall of the unit. He said he had seen this in LG models in the past. He said, the problem was that when the model was designed, they didn't build a path for condensed water to run down the back of the freezer compartment. and so, at some point in time, the odds were good that with no direction, the ice might decide to build up around the fan and eventually interfere with the turning of the blades. He solved the problem by thawing out the ice and building a path out of aluminum foil to direct any future water away from the fan area. He said that if this was an easier product to deal with, he suspected that there would have been a manufacturers recall. Since then, two of the plastic shelves have cracked. Granted, for awhile we had the 2 grandkids and our daughter and son-in-law living with us, so, we did have a full house and a full fridge, but, this is the third fridge that we've owned since having children and the only one that every had a shelf cracking problem. As a matter of fact, this is the only one that ever required service. Fridge one (bought in 1981) was retired when we bought the new fridge, and fridge 2 (bought in 1993) was moved to the basement and is still working just fine.
Now compare this Brand experience with our recent trip to Disney World. Talk about protecting the Brand in every way. Unbelievable. We didn't meet one employee who wasn't gracious and kind and helpful and friendly. We didn't eat one meal that wasn't of quality, either in a restaurant in a theme park, a restaurant in an on site resort, or in the Disney Marketplace. There are no bargains in Disney World, but there are no problems.
 In the end, what we remember are the problems, not the cost. Disney knows that, does LG?


  1. I actually agree with you. Disney is expensive, but I felt like we had a great experience (other than the morning line-up for the shuttle). I'd rather pay more and have a good time with no problems, than pay less and be frustrated.

    By the way, Evan and I bought a Samsung TV. When we looked at all of the TVs side-by-side, Samsung was always the clearest and sharpest. I've heard similar great reviews from other friends.

  2. Wow. Good to know about the Samsung TV. Pretty dumb of me not to ask you. Samsung is also the brand that our friends Sue and Mike went with, and Mike is the guy who always researches everything before he buys. That's why in the '80's, our first microwave was a Quasar.