Monday, June 24, 2013

The Optimal Glass To Break At A Jewish Wedding Ceremony

As part of getting ready for the Wedding, and I do mean capital W, the Rose and I were given the task of finding the wine glass to break.

Chabad, the ultimate Jewish authority on the web (note: they must have a great I.T. group), says use a flash bulb. O.K., so the I.T. group is great at web pages, but don't get out much (see The Big Bang Theory for example).

A what? A flash bulb? There are no more flash bulbs to be found in modern civilization without a hefty ebay price tag.

So, The Rose and I decided we would go to the dollar store and see what we could find.

We found 3 options, pictured below...

The potential candidates for the ceremony are the flute glass, the traditional wine glass and the shot glass.

My job was to step on each one and make the decision.

Here's the test, carried out using the strictest of scientific means, as you will see...

By the way, the reason that I am so snappily dressed in black socks, dress shoes and shorts is that it's like a million degrees outside today. Too hot for long pants.

Back to the findings.

First, the shot glass is eliminated as I was incapable of breaking it. 
That leaves the wine glass and the flute. From a sound perspective, I didn't really hear a difference, and on instant replay, same conclusion. However, the flute was significantly easier to break, and it made a lovely shattered glass sound.

I vote for the flute.

Anyone out there have a different vote, or another suggestion?

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  1. Nice work!

    Believe it or not, though, Dave Newton - man of many talents and interests - occasionally collects vintage cameras, and apparently he has an old flash bulb that he has no use for. He says it's a pretty small one, though. Maybe we can put the flash bulb INSIDE the flute??