Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaking News: Edward Snowden is in Siberia

Once again, my crack team of investigative reporters is ahead of the curve on this one. We found where the Russians' have moved Edward Snowden to. This is Pulitzer Prize stuff. Way to go guys!

So, where did we find him. SIBERIA

And, we have the photos to prove it.

Here is Edward with his team of reindeer's heading for market:

And, here he is returning from market:

Here are his new neighbours saying hello to their new neighbour:

and more friendly neighbours:

and even a few human neighbours, with similar transportation:

Our reporters were able to follow him home, and here is the first ever seen photo of Edward Snowden's new home.

The good news for him is that he lives in a lovely neighbourhood.

Here is his next door neighbour, Olga, sun bathing.

Did I mention that Olga has a husband?

And some lovely kids.

Truly a paradise for Eddie. He doesn't even need a home alarm system, he has an around the clock team of Russian guards.

Why does he need guards?

SPOILER ALERT. Season 3 of Homeland is all about how Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson go about the task of bring Eddie back with all of the modern technology that the CIA has to offer them.

O.K., now where's our Pulitzer?

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