Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Other Things That Harper Should Prorogue Besides Parliament

Once again, Prime Minister Harper has prorogued parliament. This time he is skipping the legislature being in session for the month of September so that, according to him, he can prepare a Speech from the Throne outlining the governments agenda for the rest of its mandate.

To make sure that my voice is heard within the agenda, I have made of list of the various things that I think the Prime Minister should also consider proroguing, either forever, or at least until the end of his term in office.

Prorogue the Senate, FOREVER, while at the same time passing a law that will also prorogue their pay until they are called back into session.

Prorogue Members of Parliament's pay on those days that the parliament is supposed to be in session, but has been prorogued.

Prorogue Unfair and Unbalanced News.

Prorogue Birthers!

Prorogue intelligent people who sprout party talking points rather than engaging their brains to listen to and evaluate the nonsense that is coming out of their mouths.

Prorogue the Federal Liberal Party from continuing to choose the wrong leader.

Prorogue the Ontario Conservative Party from continuing to back the wrong leader.

Prorogue money grabbing Hollywood Studios from releasing movies that are just junk and ruin what was once a good franchise

Prorogue the re-writing of history to make devils into good people

Prorogue fighting in the Middle East and I will vote for you FOREVER

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