Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ontario Election 2014 By the Numbers (May 14 (Forum Research and CP24, polls)

Forum Research came out with their first poll since Tory leader Hudak called for 100,000 job cuts in the public service, and, according to this poll, it's not going over that well with the voters. To be precise 62% of voters strongly disapprove . Further, the Tory approval rating stands at 35% while the Liberals garner a 38% voter approval rating, with the NDP coming in at only 21%.   On the other hand, the second CP24/CTV Ipsos Reid poll came out today with a completely different view of the electorate. It suggests a 39% lead for the Tories, with only 30% for the Liberals, and 24% for the NDP. They caveat their poll as "among decided voters".

So, if we ignore the fact that comparing "decided voters" to all potential voters might be like comparing apples to oranges, and simply split the difference, here's what By the Numbers now predicts for the next parliament.

Still looks like a minority government to this pollster.

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