Friday, May 9, 2014

Tim Hudak Tries a Hail Mary Pass

The election campaign has finally begun for real. The early pollsters keep saying that if we voted today, we'd return the Liberals to the Ontario Parliament with a similar minority government to the one they had before the parliament was dissolved.

In essence, the voters would rather have a Liberal Party mired in corruption scandals, than the Progressive Conservative Party that sure looks like a throw back to the slash and burn days of Mike Harris.

Oops, that's not what the Conservatives want. And, for Mr. Hudak, it's more than likely that if he can't bring home a victory this time around, he's not going to be the party leader for much longer. So, what's a politician to do?

In the case of Mr. Hudak, he's decided that instead of running away from the "Mike Harris policy clone" weight around his neck, he's going to embrace it. How better to do this than to announce that he intends to cut 10% of the public sector work force, and to proudly proclaim that teachers would be targeted. Hello Mike Harris, goodbye education. And what does he claim is the good reason to do this, he would balance the budget one year sooner than the Liberals.

The last time such a desperate effort to change the election handwriting on the wall was attempted was 2008 when Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, also faced with almost certain defeat, tried his own Sarah Palin for Vice President Hail Mary.

Let's hope this one works as poorly as the John McCain Hail Mary.

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