Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ontario Election By The Numbers May 27 Poll (Forum Research)

Forum Research, which previous showed the Liberals in the lead, have now just released their latest poll indicating a dead heat. Here are the numbers:

These numbers do little to change the predicted outcome of a minority Liberal government. Further, based on these numbers, even if every seat too close to call winds up going to the Conservatives, it's still a Liberal minority government.
Here are the numbers.

In this observers opinion, the problem with why Tim Hudak can't garner more support is not his  unsupportable 1 million new jobs plan, but his 100,000 civil servant job cuts. Ontario is a fiscally conservative electorate, with a socially conscious heart. The 100,000 cuts make Mr. Hudak appear to be a leader without that much required socially conscious heart.

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